Things You Should Expect Before, During, And After A Roof Replacement

roof replacementRegardless of your reasons for needing a roof replacement, you need to know what to expect before, during, or after the project has been completed. Preparations need to be done. A complete roof replacement will require a certain number of steps to ensure that everything is done accordingly. This article will guide you on the steps to take to prepare for a roof replacement.

Things you need to be aware of when having a roof replaced

Dealing with pets and children

Your pets and children might want to go out to play while the roof is being replaced. However, it can be dangerous for them to do so. Keep pets and children inside the house until the project has been completed. Explain to your kids that they can’t go out until work on the roof is done.

Step involved in a roof replacement

Protecting the property – it’s quite normal for debris to fall down while work is done on the roof. To prevent any accidents or damage to property, the roofer must first put protection in place before work on the Wilmington roof replacement could begin.

Removal of old shingles – depending on the type of roof you may have, the process could be different. However, for asphalt shingles, removal of the old roof is the first thing to be done after all the necessary preparations.

Roof inspection – after the removal of the old shingles, the roofing contractor then inspects the roof for any damage. Basically, the wood decking will be checked to make sure there is not rot and that the structure remains firm and solid.

Surface preparation – once the inspection is complete. Surface preparation is done next. Drip edges will be installed to prevent water from seeping inside the roof.

Installation of water and ice shield – the next thing that needs to be done is the installation of the water and ice shield. It is a particular kind of underlayment that is installed on top of the wood decking to make sure that water and ice cannot penetrate through.

Installation of new shingles – after the installation of the underlayment is complete, the roofing contractor will then proceed with adding the asphalt shingles. The installation will begin from the bottom up. Roofers like WHS Roofing makes sure that each shingle is installed accordingly for maximum protection and durability.

Site cleanup – depending on the terms you signed with the roofing contractor, cleanup will be done next. Some roofing contractors charge extra for a complete cleanup after the work is done. However, some roofers include cleaning up as part of their services.

Final roof inspection – once the installation and cleanup have been completed, the final roof inspection will begin. This process is crucial since the inspector will check each section of the roof for any imperfections or issues. The roof inspector will also generate a report regarding the quality of the roof. Also, be sure that the roofer you hire offers a warranty for their services just in case something goes wrong after the work has been done.

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