Solar Roof Panels

solar panelsNowadays, countries are turning to more renewable sources of energy. Unlike a few decades ago, solar panel technology is more accessible to the masses. In fact, rooftop solar panels are becoming a thing in a lot of households. The average cost of solar panels and other components has significantly dropped over the years. Thanks to government interest in renewables, solar technology can be utilized by anyone. But do they hold any real benefit to the average consumer?


Investing in solar roof panels mean you get to help the environment


If you compare the production of electricity via solar and other conventional means of generation, you’d easily find solar as a less environmentally damaging alternative. Of course, manufacturing solar equipment will produce a certain amount of carbon footprint but it is significantly less. In the long run, you will be helping out the environment by producing electricity without releasing greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. Basically, you can think of installing rooftop solar panels as generating electricity and having your fair share of slowing down climate change.


Solar panels on your roof ensure electricity year-round


The good thing about installing solar panels on your roof is having your own pool of electricity that you can tap into any time. If the capacity is big enough, you can even power your household indefinitely without needing electricity from the grid. Of course, this is assuming that nothing goes wrong and maintenance schedules are observed.


Solar technology is a safe investment


You would need to spend a couple of thousand dollars to set up solar panels on your roof. Making investments in solar isn’t much of a gamble. In fact, you can save a lot of money through years of constant use. On top of that, your power supply will be uninterrupted by grid problems. In fact, energy rates fluctuate each year. When you account for all the price fluctuations, solar panel savings will easily outweigh the initial costs.


Investing in solar will grant you tax cuts


The investment tax credit or federal solar tax credit allows homeowners to deduct 26% of the cost of solar panel installation from federal taxes. When you come to think of it, you’ll save a quarter of everything you’ll spend on solar panel installation through tax credits. It’s a major factor to consider since the benefits are huge.


Hiring the experts for solar panel installation


You will still need an expert like WHS Roofing to install the solar panels on your roof. The panels need to be strategically placed on the roof to get as much sunlight as possible. There are systems that include actuators and sensors to move the panels in the direction of the sun, making energy generation last throughout the entire day. The installation must be done by a roofer who is an accredited installer of solar panel technology.


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