Hiring A Roofing Contractor – 15 Questions You Should Ask

roofing contractorPicking a roofing contractor might not always be as straightforward as it seems. There are a lot of things that go into finding the right contractor. You have to sift through different companies in order to end up with the most reliable one. In your search for the right roofer, you should come prepared and have a list of questions that makes the task easier.

Here are useful questions that help you go through your list of roofers

Do you have a valid license to operate?

The very first thing that you should verify is if the contractor has a valid license to operate. As a rule of thumb, always deal with a roofer that is fully licensed to avoid any unnecessary problems in the future.

Do you have compensation insurance?

It’s not required of roofing contractors to workman’s compensation insurance. However, it pays to hire a roofer that does have one so you don’t have to pay out of your own pocket in case a worker gets in an accident in your property.

How about general liability insurance?

Aside from workman’s compensation insurance, the roofer must also have general liability insurance. This is to make sure that any damage to your property will be paid for by the roofer’s insurance company.

Do you hire subcontractors?

If in case the Wilmington roofing contractor hires subcontractors, be sure that they are insured. You can also opt to get a waiver to avoid any unnecessary costs in case the roofer doesn’t foot the bill.

Are drip edges part of the installation?

It’s not often talked about but drip edges have great importance. It should be installed to keep water out. Be sure to ask about them when hiring a roofer.

What are the steps when removing my roof?

Each roofing contractor might have their own means of removing a roof. It’s best to ask what means they have in mind before you hire them.

Will you be using standoffs to protect the gutters?

Standoffs protect your gutters from being crumpled when ladders are used. Be sure that the roofer you hire uses these to avoid issues later on.

Will you be bringing a container for waste material?

There will be some waste material during the removal of bad roof shingles. Ask the roofer whether they keep tabs on cleaning up after themselves. The little details matter in the long run.

What’s your phone number and physical address?

One obvious red flag when hiring any contractor is the lack of a phone number or physical address. Only hire those that are a real company and have means of being contacted.

What about warranty?

Always ask about the warranty that they offer. In case something goes wrong in a few months, you can always ask the roofer to fix it if it is under warranty.

How much will you charge for soft roof decking?

A roof replacement will involve removing parts of the roof that are no longer useful. This includes soft roof decking. Ask your roofer about the extra costs while still in negotiation.

Do you have a person available on site to cater to questions?

Not all contractors have a person that you can readily talk to on site. It helps to ask if there’s a person you can go to in case you have some questions to ask.

What happens when bad weather rolls in during work hours?

Bad weather is inevitable. However, roofers must have a contingency plan in case bad weather just happens to roll in.

What measures will you take to protect surrounding areas against damage?

Always ask the roofer about the preparations they make to protect the surrounding area while work is underway.

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