Roofer Near Me?: How Long Should Your Roof Last?

roofer near meThere are tons of myths about roofs that you should know about. From guarantees down the very way on how to clean them. Which information is real and what are the ones that are outright lies? To clear up everything, it’s best to contact a local roofing contractor. Finding a roofer near me is not as hard as it looks. You can often find a number of roofers in your area. All there is to it is a bit of research and time. Let’s dive right into what the common roofing myths are and be an informed homeowner.

Common misconceptions about roofing that you should know about

Guarantee on roofing – there are a number of roofing manufacturers out there that claim to have a 30-year guarantee on their roof or even more. However, not every roofer is very honest about the longevity of their products. Some roofs, while rated to last for 30 years, can barely reach that period. You see, most roofs can only last anywhere from 20-25 years and that’s with proper maintenance. Nothing lasts forever and certainly roofs. When you come to think of it, roofs are the primary line of defense your home has against the elements. With you expose your roof to these elements for decades, it’s bound to deteriorate and fail over time. Now, here’s where the tricky part comes in. A lot of roofers will tell you they have a 30-year guarantee but in reality, the roofs themselves can’t reach that number. It’s mostly a marketing scheme. However, not all roofing manufacturers use this method. There are also those who are legitimate and stick to their claims.

Fungus and algae-resistant roofing – it’s common for homeowners to go over to the internet and search for roofer near me Wilmington. Among the reasons why people would look for a roofer is because of algae and moss on their roof. This is a common occurrence in roofs that are in damp areas where moss and algae proliferate. However, roofing materials that are marketed to be “fungus and algae resistant”. But this marketing tactic is only half true. While there are types of roofing materials that can prevent the growth of moss, fungi, and algae, it can only do so for a maximum of three to five years. Any longer than that is nearly impossible.

Bleach and high-pressure cleaning – a lot of roofers advertise using bleach and high-pressure cleaning to give your roof that brand-new look again. However, these methods can do more harm than good. Bleach can weaken the roofing materials as well as high water pressure. While your roof might end up looking good after a cleaning session, the long-term effects can be devastating. Instead of your roof lasting a few decades, it won’t have as long of life when you continue to have it cleaned through bleach applications and high water pressure. It’s simply not a good way to clean a roof. Any reliable roofing contractor would warn you against these practices.

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