Roof Replacement – The Preparations You Need To Make

roof replacementGetting a new roof is a sigh of relief especially if you have been having roofing issues for quite some time. However, you are not out of the woods just yet. Getting a roof replacement does not happen instantaneously nor does the project get finished in a matter of days. With this in mind, it’s important to put some things into consideration. Here are some useful insights on what to do when getting your roof replaced:

The basics of roof replacement

Always put your kids and pets into the equation

Even as an adult, you will find it uncomfortable to bear with the adjustments while the Wilmington roof replacement is taking place. Your kids and pets will also be under a great deal of stress. They won’t be able to do what they used to for the time being. It’s best to brief your kids before the work begins. This way, they can be prepared for what’s to come. The entire process will only be a week or two if the project runs smoothly. The bottom line is that you must always consider how your kids and pets would react to the disturbance in their environment.

Park your vehicles elsewhere

A roof replacement project isn’t full of glitz and glamour. Rather, it’s full of dust and falling debris that may find its way onto your car. To avoid unnecessary scratches and dents, move your care elsewhere for the time being.

Remove wall decorations

If you have hanging decorations in place that may easily fall when shook, take them down. The roofing contractor will be using some tools that could cause vibration and loosen any wall décor and bring them to the ground. To avoid damages to anything valuable, place them in a secure area where they are at little to no risk of being damaged.

Add coverings to things in the attic

A complete roof overhaul will likely leave a lot of dust and debris on what’s inside your attic. If you have any old valuables in your attic, place sheets over them so as to save them from being scratched or damaged. Cleaning up will also be easier when you have covered in place.

Prune trees and trim grass before the start of the project

Any overhanging branches must be pruned. Be sure that there are no obstructions when the roofers are doing their job. Accidents can easily happen if tree branches are in the way. Also, you might want to trim your grass before work can begin. This is so no debris is left undetected during and after the project. Cleaning up will be a breeze if the grass is trimmed. You can easily spot any debris that may cause injuries.

Talk to your neighbors and let them know

There will be noise, dust, and debris when the project is underway. Be courteous enough and let your neighbors know beforehand. Don’t let them get startled by the noise. Inform them as to prevent any unnecessary arguments.

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