Roof Replacement – Will My Insurance Cover The Costs?

roof replacementThe roof is a very important part of your home. Its main job is to shield the rest of the house against the elements. Despite the battery of UV light, hail, and other things that Mother Nature can throw, a well-built roof remains resilient. That’s why insurance companies offer roof coverage. It’s not every day that your roof gets damaged. However, having an insurance policy in place helps with the costs of repair or roof replacement if need be. On the other hand, it’s not all the time that your claims can be approved.

How can my home insurance claims for roof replacement be approved?

Consider the age of your roof

The age of your roof is one factor that insurance companies consider before they even allow people to get an insurance policy. The older the roof, the less likely it is for your insurer to renew your policy. This is because of a few things. One of those factors is the high chance of recurring roof repairs. Most insurers don’t renew policies for roofs aged over 20 years. If in case some do, they will only pay up for the current value of the existing roof which adds to your out of pocket costs.

Check your home insurance policy

If there’s one thing that you should do, that’s to go through your insurance policy a few times. The copy you have indicates all the criteria where the insurance company pays for the full or majority of the amount needed for the Wilmington roof replacement. Everything must be according to the rules set by the insurer. That is why it is crucial to understand and remember the terms of the contract the first time you sign up for it.

Does the insurance cover roof leaks?

In most cases, insurers do not cover roof leaks or damages that may result from it. The reason for this is simple. Insurers want you to keep your roof maintained. For your own good and lowering the risk of you getting a payday. That’s also a reason why hiring a roofing contractor to do the maintenance is important.

Filing an insurance claim

Insurance companies often require their clients to file an insurance claim 15-30 days after an incident. That means you had up to four weeks to have a roof inspection done, document the damage, and file the claim. Just right after your roof has been damaged, document everything. Take pictures and videos to prove the extent of the damage. Of course, you would need an inspection report that would corroborate with your evidence. Be sure to hire a roofer that deals with insurance claims.

Not all roofing contractors deal with insurance claims. That’s why it helps to find a roofing company like WHS Roofing that does so. A typical roof replacement costs anywhere around $10,000. That’s a lot of money considering today’s economy. If you want to maximize your insurance policy and save up on your personal cash, hire a roofer that can help you with the process.

Are you planning on filing an insurance claim to cover the costs of a roof replacement? Don’t look any further. WHS Roofing has you covered! Call us today!

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