Roof Leak Detection And Prevention

roof leakMost homeowners can tell you the age of their roof but not its overall condition. While your roof may seem just fine, it is not always the case. Looks can be deceiving and your roof may already have problems that you are unaware of. A roof leak, for instance, will remain undetected unless you have your roof inspected or if the problem has already worsened to the point where you can see visible signs. If you are having doubts about the current state of your roof, it is best to take some steps in preventing certain issues.

Here are ways on how you can find roof leaks and prevent them from coming back:

There are various signs that can tell you that your roof is already leaking. Both the interior and exterior sections of your roof can provide you with clues as to what is going on. When looking for clues inside, here are some that you should keep an eye out for:

  • Mold – moisture inside your roof could make way for mold growth. While generally not dangerous in small quantities, mold can quickly spread and cause different roofing and health issues.
  • Stains and dampness – if you notice any dampness or water stains in your attic, ceiling, or walls, it is an indicator that your roof has sprung a leak.

Here are exterior signs that indicate your roof has leaks:

  • Damaged shingles – cracks, warping, curling, or missing shingles all pose a threat to your roof and should be repaired by a roofing contractor
  • Damaged flashing – the flashing on your roof will only work if the caulk or adhesive keeping them in place remain intact.
  • Dirty and damaged gutters – the gutters must always remain clean to keep water flowing freely when it rains. Also, the gutters must be secured properly and should not droop or sag in any way.

The risks of a leaky roof

The risks that could come from a leaky roof are numerous. First of all, your roof will be badly damaged if the leak isn’t addressed quickly enough. Other than that, the roofing structure itself could suffer as well as the interior section of the house. In general, roof leaks can cost a homeowner thousands in roof repair Wilmington if not found and fixed in a timely manner.

Finding the leak and preventing it from appearing

Roof leaks can be tricky to find on your own. Even with a keen eye for details, you might easily overlook important clues unless you are a trained roofing expert. When you suspect that there are leaks on your roof, call an expert like WHS Roofing. A professional roof inspection is what you need in order to find where the leaks are and keep them from reoccurring. Aside from finding where the leaks are, professional roof repair is also necessary. Keeping your roof in top condition always involves a thorough inspection, repairs (if need be), and roof maintenance to make sure nothing is overlooked.

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