Preparing Residential Roofing For Cold Weather

roof inspectionNot all states experience the same type of winter. Some areas have more snowfall than others. However, the weather is destined to be cold every winter. That’s why everyone prepares their home for winter. On the other hand, there’s one part of the home that doesn’t get a lot of attention and that’s the roof. A roof inspection doesn’t cost much but it often gets overlooked. This article will be focusing on how homeowners can prepare their roof for winter. If you are thinking that your roof is just fine, you might want to take a close look at your roof. Problems might already be brewing and just waiting to blow up.

Here are some roof preparations for winter and the cold weather:

Always prioritize a roof inspection

There’s a common mistake that homeowners make and that’s not prioritizing a roof inspection. Each year, the roof takes a beating from the elements. Although roofing materials are often rated to last a couple of decades, they won’t last forever. They certainly won’t last long enough without the right maintenance. The first part of the maintenance process is to have a roof inspection Wilmington.

Other than having a roof inspection twice a year, you should also have one after a major storm. Often times, the roof could get punctured or sustain damages that could worsen over time. The only way to find out the severity of the damage, or any at all, is to hire a professional roofing contractor to perform a thorough roof inspection. It also pays to check for signs of wear and tear every now and then. There are signs that tell when your roof has a problem. It’s only a matter of finding these signs when they appear. You should also be careful not to leave any issues unfixed as winter could worsen the problems on your roof.

Here are some warning signs that you should watch out for:

Blocked downspouts and full gutters – the downspouts on your roof need to be clear of any debris at all times. Any blockages can be problematic especially during winter. Any remaining water in the gutters and downspouts will freeze over causing numerous problems. That’s why gutter cleaning is necessary in order to keep water from freezing over.

Icicles hanging off the gutter – if there are icicles hanging off your gutter, it’s a sign that there’s something with the insulation of your roof or your gutters and downspouts may be blocked. It is best to address this issue as soon as possible. The sheer weight of the downspouts will lead to major issues.

Small or major roof leaks – any roof leak regardless of size must be addressed immediately especially when winter is fast approaching. If any leaks are left unpatched during winter, the freezing water will expand and possibly worsen the size of the leak. That’s why it is best to call a professional roofer like WHS Roofing to deal with any kind of roofing issue before winter comes.

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