What Mistakes Do You Need To Avoid When Planning A New Roof Install?

new roofYears of exposure to the elements will surely cause your roof to deteriorate. Although roof deterioration takes a long time, the day will come when you will need to get a new roof. Getting a roof replacement sounds simple. However, there’s more to it that you should know. As a homeowner, you should do your homeowner before you decide to have your roof replaced. Factors like roofing materials, labor costs, and the actual build all need to be planned in order for the project to be a success.

Here are some tips and mistakes to avoid when getting a new roof:

Making decisions based on price alone

As with anything that you can acquire, it comes with a price. While price plays a huge role in your decision-making, it shouldn’t be the sole factor that influences your decisions. Price is only one thing. Although it can be quite tempting to take up a cheap offer, don’t jump the gun. You might regret your decision in the end. When getting a new roof Wilmington, NC, price isn’t everything. Be sure that you are well aware of the estimates, the total costs, and all other important details.

Not getting written estimates

A verbal agreement is necessary in negotiations. However, when a deal involves you spending thousands of dollars on roof installation, you need to pull out all the stops so you don’t waste your time and money in the end. Always get written estimates. This way, you’ll get a detailed list of what goes into the quote. Verbal confirmations are great but you need hard proof to make sure you are putting your money to good use.

Not signing a contract

Whenever dealing with a contractor, be sure to sign a written contract. Basically, signing a contract will be in your best interests. It is somewhat a way of protecting yourself in case something goes wrong in the middle of the roofing project. The contract will also explain the responsibilities of both you and the contractor, especially regarding finances. It is best to work with a roofer like WHS Roofing to be certain that you are not duped into a deal that you did not sign up for.

Not doing enough research on your roofer

Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. However, always take references with a grain of salt. Not all recommendations are good. Sometimes, you need to do some cross-referencing to make sure that the roofers recommended to you are indeed reliable. Also, for your research. Always take time to find out more about the roofing contractors on your list. Bear in mind that the more information you have on a roofer, the better it is for you. Not doing enough research will cost you in the end.

If you need reliable roofing services, call WHS Roofing. You may reach us at (910) 765-8513.

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