How To Tell If You Need a Roof Replacement

roof replacementA Wilmington home’s roofing system is what protects the property and the family from all types of weather conditions. This is why it is often at high risk for wear and tear. And sometimes, it can be difficult to determine when you need roof replacement. If you do not know when you need to have your roof repaired or replaced, you risk causing more damage to the roof, which will eventually result in damages to your entire property as well.

Remember that although your roof has a definite number of years for its life span, depending on the material you used, it is still subject to daily wear and tear, which can cause early replacement. Here is some useful information to help you know for sure if you need a roof replacement.

Inspect your roof from the inside


If you suspect that you need a roof replacement Wilmington, the first thing you will need to do to confirm your suspicions is to conduct an internal inspection. You can do this on your own or hire a roof professional Wilmington. WHS Roofing provides overall roof inspection, repair, and replacement.

The best place to conduct an internal roof inspection is through your attic. When you reach your attic, you will want to look for the following telltale signs of a damaged or deteriorated roof:

  • Gaps and holes through the roof – When your roof has holes, it will allow rain and water to seep through and accumulate in your attic where it can cause a lot more problems. You will know when your roof has holes if the light is seeping through the roof at the time you climb up your attic for the inspection.
  • Uneven areas in the roof – Check the entire roof while in the attic and look for signs of drooping or unevenness. This may mean a structural problem for your roof, which requires immediate replacement.
  • Discoloration – When you see signs of discoloration in any part of your roof, this often means you have mold problems. You will want to have the roof replaced depending on the area that is affected by mold. And you will want to do it soon because not only does mold cause rapid deterioration and further damage to your roof, but it can also be a health hazard for all the household members.
  • Signs of water leaks – When you see water leaking from your roof, this means you have a bigger and more immediate problem to face and that you need to call in a roofing professional at once.

Outdoor roof inspection

In addition to inspecting your roof from the inside, you also want to inspect it from the outside. Here are the things that you will have to keep an eye out for:

  • Exterior damage – This includes cracks and splits on your roof shingles, missing or deformed shingles or tile breakage.
  • Moisture and water leakage – Moisture and water leaks do not only happen inside. These can also be seen outside. And once you see signs of moisture and water leakage, you will want to call in a roofing expert at once because this can rapidly result in mold problems.
  • Gutter damage – Gutter may become clogged due to the accumulation of dirt and debris including dried leaves and fallen branches. Aside from this, gutters can also become sagged and lose, eventually detaching from your siding.

It is important that you jot down all your observations so that when a roofing professional arrives at your home, he knows which parts of the roof to look at. On the other hand, you can also opt to have the roof professional conduct an overall inspection of your roof to confirm and verify your observations and perform roof repair.

Give WHS Roofing a call today to schedule a free roof inspection to determine if you need roof repairs or roof replacement.

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