The Summer Heat And How It Affects Your Roof

roofing contractorExtreme summer heat does more to your roof than you think. If you don’t feel good when you are too exposed to the heat, the same happens to your roof. Your roof shingles don’t like excessive heat. The constant shift in season is reason enough why you should call a roofing contractor and have your roof inspected. Proper roof maintenance will prevent issues from worsening.

Here are some roofing issues during the summer that you should know about:

Roof degradation

The number one issue that the summer heat can bring is roof degradation. Direct sunlight can have a huge impact on how long your roof can last. Most roofing materials are rated to last a good 20 years or more. However, that number is just an estimate for most of the time. Different circumstances put roofs to the test and the results vary. Some roofing materials may last longer and others don’t. Even with the same materials, the results could sometimes be different. Asphalt roof shingles could peel off, crack, buckle, or simply chip away over time.

Thermal shock

Roofing materials like asphalt shingles are easily affected by heat. Even concrete expand and shrink depending on the climate. The same could be said for certain roofing materials. Thermal shock can strain your roof and lessen its lifespan. Older roofs are more prone to damage. Newer ones are less likely to receive damage but will still be affected, albeit a long process.

Damage by humidity

Humid air combined with heat can be damaging to your roof. Other than being uncomfortable with humans, hot and humid air is no good for your roof. Although the effects will only be noticed after years of exposure, it is important to take note of these issues. Waterproofing can prevent such problems from happening which increases the lifespan of your roof.

Why you should always have your roof inspected

Roofs are designed to last for a very long time. They don’t go bad a year or two after being installed. Your roof will only sustain damages a decade or two after installation. The extent of the damage will depend on how often you have your roof inspected. You may require roof repair somewhere in the near future. However, it will all depend on whether your roof is well-maintained.

Hiring a professional roofing contractor

You can hire just about anyone to clean, repair, or maintain your roof. It’s cheap and it can get the job done. However, having your roof maintained by non-professionals is not advisable. One reason is that your insurance might not approve your claim if they knew you had your roof repaired by some random person you met who offered to roof repair services for a low cost. Aside from that, you can only get top-quality roofing services from a licensed Wilmington roofing contractor. It may cost you a little bit more but the results will often pay for the cost to hire a roofer.

Don’t let your roof get damaged over time. Have your roof maintained periodically by WHS Roofing. Call us today!

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