Factors to Consider When Hiring a Roofing Contractor

rooferYou have often heard, when things get tough, people mollify themselves that, at least, they have a roof over their heads. This is because the roof is an important feature of a home that protects your family and you from snow, rain, lightning, sun, and hail. Therefore, the roof should always be kept in good condition by a reliable roofer.

This article is going to discuss a checklist of what to consider when hiring a roofing contractor.

Contractor References

You are going to ask the contractor for a list of references of those he has previously worked for. However, the majority of contractors will provide you with a list of only those clients they know are content with their work. You should, therefore, be smart, and ask for his last three customers. It is significant to have a talk with recent customers since their own experience is a perfect indicator of what you should expect. Furthermore, to be on the safer side, ask the roofing contractor to give you references from at least two customers with roofing projects which were carried out two or more years ago. They are going to provide you a better idea of the long-term quality of their roofs, and the way the roofer handled callbacks.

Ask How Long the Contractor Has Been in Business

A Wilmington roofer may be new in the business. This does not imply the company performs substandard work. However, in this business, longevity is an ideal indicator of both service and quality. A roofing company cannot stay in business for over two decades unless it establishes a solid and trusted customer base.

Proof of Insurance

A roofing contractor should have commercial liability insurance to protect his customers from unforeseen events that may happen during the course of the project. Several contractors include a certificate of insurance when submitting their proposals. If this is not the case, you should ask to see and peruse his policy, and call the phone number on that policy to see whether or not it’s valid, or in full force.

Contractor’s Warranty

Find out if your potential roofing contractor provides any additional warranty. Should this be the case, find out how long that warranty is in effect, and what it basically covers. Reputable roofing contractors provide workmanship warranties that cover problems emerging from installation methods.

Scope of Work

What is the roofing contractor’s scope of work? And can the roofing company provide you a wide range of roofing alternatives? Whereas it may be counterproductive hiring a roofer who performs other services, like laying carpet, installing swimming pools, or pouring concrete, it is for your benefit to find a contractor who is able to provide various roof-related options.

Are subcontractors Going to Carry Out Some of the Work?

A number of roofing companies handle the whole project, while others rely on subcontractors to carry out particular tasks. When the roofing company uses subs, ask for each subcontractor’s information, references, and proof of insurance. The company ought to submit subcontractor bids as part of the larger proposal. When a subcontractor is going to be used, is the contractor going to handle the crew on-site?

Worker Knowledge

It is also important to find out how the company trains its staff or workers. Do the new employees go through the probationary period while they are learning? Are the company workers adequately skilled in installing the kind of roof you need? Adequate training of workers is very critical, not only for high-quality work but to reduce also for injury risk to the workers as well as anybody else in or near the worksite.

Inspecting Quality

It is the responsibility of the roofing contractor to ensure top quality work. Building codes influence some kinds of inspections and depending on regulations in your locality, you may be visited by a building compliance inspector who may come to check the project at a particular stage. It is significant for the company to have a knowledgeable professional on hand to examine the roof installation and upon completion.

Other essential tips on hiring the right roofer

On The Lookout For Fraudulent Roofing Contractors

Wilmington rooferYou will know a roofing company is legit if they are able to provide upfront local references including testimonials from recently served clients, business license, roofing credentials, workers’ compensation insurance, general liability insurance, and written manufacturer warranties. If possible ask for a duplicate copy of these documents and bring them to your lawyer to verify if they are real or fake.

  • Before hiring a roofing contractor, spend the time to verify the track record that the roofer has presented you with. Ask for contact details of their recent customers and let them know that you’re going to call them and inquire about the service they rendered. This is alright with most legit roofing companies because they understand that this is a way for homeowners to determine whether their services are what the homeowners are looking for.
  • Checking your local Home Builders Association about any complaints or feedback on the roofing contractor you are considering hiring is another way to verify the contractor’s track record. You can also do a quick search on their company name online and look for any information listed and posted about them.
  • Ask the contractor to provide you with a written document of everything you talked about including the estimates and any oral promises and agreements that you both made. Review this written document before making your final decisions and signing the contract.
  • Always remember that the service fee is at least one-third of the agreed rate upfront. If the contractor asks you to pay the whole amount before rendering any services, you should not agree.
  • Consider having a legal professional look through the roofing contractor before you sign. They can help you identify any flaws in the contract and confirm whether or not you are dealing with a legit roofing contractor Wilmington.

Ensuring you are working only with legal and truly certified roofing professionals and service contractors are important to avoid losing money.

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