Reasons Not To Do DIY Roofing Projects

roof repairIt’s quite empowering to do something on your own and accomplish a feat that you haven’t reached before. From painting the house, knocking down some drywall, or making changes to your decks, there’s an online tutorial for that. However, there are certain limitations to DIY projects. Roof repair, for instance, shouldn’t be done by anyone other than a professional roofer. Working on the roof is dangerous. Any roofing projects need to be done by someone who understands what safety protocols are needed.

Here are some DIY roofing fails that could possibly lead to disaster:

Safety might not be observed – it’s one thing to grab a ladder and clean the gutters and working on the roof is another. When working on the roof, proper safety precautions must be observed. Without the safety protocols in place, you might end up being badly hurt.

Improper shingle installation – asphalt shingles must be installed properly in order to create a water-resistant barrier. If the shingles are not installed accordingly, it could lead to a number of problems. First, improperly installed singles might not provide the needed water resistance.

Faulty flashing installation – the flashings are the pieces of plastic or metal that are installed along the joints of the roof. Flashings are placed in order to create a water-tight seal. However, if they are not installed properly, you may be putting your roof at risk.

Poor insulation – insulation is a key part of the roof. Without it, the house could be losing heat through the roof. That’s why proper insulation must be observed whenever installing or performing roof repair Wilmington.

Improper working procedures – since it’s DIY, the person doing the roofing project isn’t following any guidelines. Although there will be some progress made, there’s no real assurance as to how good the quality of work is. That’s why it’s best to hire a roofing contractor instead.

When to hire a roofing contractor and why

There are a number of good reasons why you should hire a roofing contractor like WHS Roofing. Here are some of them:

Experience – a professional roofer typically has the experience needed for them to do a really good job. Also, experience means they can do any type of roofing job you may need.

Safety – as previously stated, safety is a major concern when working on the roof. However, a professional roofing contractor knows what safety measures need to be set in place. This not only keeps the workers safe on the roof but also ensures your roof is free from any damage.

Insurance – DIY is perfectly fine. However, there are risks involved. On the other hand, a professional roofer is insured. That means that you don’t have to worry about anything if in case something were to happen to them while working.

Quality of work – probably the most important factor in hiring a roofing contractor is work quality. It’s quite obvious that a roofer can deliver better results even with a fairly experienced DIYer.

Avoid running into DIY roofing mistakes. Hire WHS Roofing today! You may reach us at (910) 765-8513.

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