Commercial Roofing: How To Find The Best Contractor

commercial roofingAs you may already have noticed, not all roofs are the same. This goes especially for commercial establishments where roof designs greatly vary. However, there are a handful of designs that commercial buildings normally use. Each variety has its own pros and cons that must be taken into account. Here are the most commonly used commercial roofing and their respective perks and downsides:

Common commercial roofing

Flat Roofs – the most common kind of roofing you would see on a commercial establishment is a flat roof. This option is a lot more convenient and is easier on your budget. Unlike pitched roofs, flat roofs tend to cost less because it covers much smaller square footage. However, this type of roofing does not come without any caveats. This type of roof is prone to stagnant water which can ruin the roofing material later on. As you may have guessed, this type of roof comes with poor drainage. Of course, this type of Wilmington commercial roofing is cheaper after all.

Low-Sloped Roofs – this kind of roofing is kind of in-between flat roofs and pitched roofs. It has a slope but not that steep. Although it requires more square footage of material, it isn’t as expensive as a pitched roof. It isn’t that problem when it comes to drainage as well. However, the major drawback of this type of roofing is that it isn’t that great with snow. The low slope does little to hasten the melting of snow.

Pitched Roofs – the main benefit that you get out of choosing a pitched roof for your commercial establishment is that it provides better run off for snow and water. However, there’s a catch. Pitched roofs are harder to install and maintain. That means your local roofing contractor will have a hard time climbing up the roof to repair those leaks.

Metal Retrofit Roofing – retrofitting your existing roof works great if you don’t have the finances for a complete roof overhaul. The biggest upside to a metal retrofit roofing is the cost. The difference between retrofitting and a new roof is relatively high. That’s the reason why a lot of commercial establishment owners tend to go with this kind of roofing. It saves them time and money. Normally, retrofitting a metal roof will only extend the lifespan of the roof by twenty years. It’s only just a third of the lifespan you’d get if you have a complete roof overhaul.

In general, commercial roofing will vary a lot. It’s also different in terms of design and installation. When compared to residential roofing, its commercial counterpart focuses more on functionality. Since commercial establishments first need to be functional, roofing contractors have practicality in mind. Of course, that does not limit the designs that are put into commercial roofing. There are types of roofs that still look good while being used in a commercial setting. In general, it all comes down to preference and financial capacity.

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