6 Reasons To Have Roof Repair This Fall

roof repairWorking on the roof is no joke. The mere fact that people are going to be working on an elevated, open area already involves a certain level of danger. However, safety precautions along with experience will make roof repair a lot safer to accomplish. With that said, roofing tasks must be accomplished by a trained professional and in the right season. Fall is arguably the best time of the year to proceed with roofing projects.

Here are some common reasons why fall is the best time to repair or replace your roof:

  1. The stormy seasons have passed by – severe weather events like thunderstorms can impede roofing projects. During the fall, the weather is fair and conditions permit for Wilmington roof repair. Ideal working conditions mean roofers can proceed without any restrictions and time constraints brought about by bad weather.
  1. Perfect conditions – other than fair weather, fall also provides the perfect conditions for roofing projects. The heat is bearable and there is no moisture on the roof that could cause accidents especially on steep slopes. Bearable temperatures also facilitate the bonding of asphalt shingles on the roof. Cooler temperatures also mean the roofing contractor would have an easier time completing all the needed tasks.
  1. Cold weather is still a month or a few weeks away – temperatures in winter are no longer conducive for working on the roof. Nailing shingles on the roof would be nearly impossible. Asphalt shingles become brittle in cold weather. Driving a nail will almost certainly break shingles into pieces. This is why roof repairs need to be completed in the fall when temperatures are still good.
  1. Shingles adhere better in fall – to secure asphalt shingles properly, there must be adequate thermal sealing. Conditions in the fall permit for such a reaction which causes the shingles to bind perfectly with the new roof. This then results in better insulation which prevents the harsh cold of winter from entering the house through the roof.
  1. Winter may bring stormy weather – if in case you choose to forgo roof repairs and wait till winter passes over, you might want to reconsider while there’s still time. Winter can bring forth stormy weather. This could mean thicker snow piling up on your roof. The weight of the snow alone can worsen any issues present.
  1. You can save on heating costs – by repairing any roofing issues before winter comes, you can ultimately save on heating. Basically, you can save a lot of money by making sure that your home is well insulated from top to bottom. Proper insulation also involves making sure the roof is free of any issues that could compromise your heating system.

Other than choosing the right time to perform a roofing project, you should also be mindful of the roofer that you hire. Choose only a reputable professional roofer like WHS Roofing. Don’t let any roofing problems get worse. Have them repaired in autumn to save on cash and stay away from problems during winter.

Choose the best roofer in Wilmington. Call WHShu Roofing for top-notch roofing services. You may reach us at (910) 765-8513.

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