2020 Roof Replacement Tips – How To Get Your Insurance To Shoulder

roof replacementRoof replacement is not something you can do any time you want. It costs a lot of money to get repairs done, let alone a full roof replacement. However, if you have an insurance policy, you have a financial safety net that may help you cover the costs of the replacement. However, it’s not always easy to get an insurance claim approved. There are some hurdles you might go through before your insurance provider ponies up.

Here are some tips that will help you get your insurance provider to help you with the roof replacement costs:

Getting to know your insurance policy

Being informed is the best thing that you can always do especially when it comes to your insurance. A lot of people don’t really dig deep into the details of their insurance policy. That’s why a lot of insurance claims get denied because clients fail to understand the stipulations indicated in their policy. Policies on Wilmington roof replacement are common. However, they do cost more than roof repair policies.

Talk to your agent

If you have a good relationship with your insurance agent, they should be able to honestly tell you the ins and outs of your policy. Aside from that, they can help you out during such times when you are about to file insurance claims.

Get in touch with roofers

If you are still drawing a blank on what to do, be sure to find a number of reputable roofing contractors. However, you should only seek the advice of a roofing contractor that deals with insurance claims. Tell them what you need and they would often give you some useful tips on how to proceed with your insurance claims.

Find a reliable roofer

You should always find a reliable roofer that has a stellar reputation and one that deals with insurance claims. This is so you can get all the help you need to file insurance claims as well as protecting your roof from further damage. Most of the time, claims are denied if the roof has not been protected.

File a Homeowner’s Insurance

This must be done within a month after your roof has been damaged. Claims must be filed in a timely manner. Some states require claims to be submitted 30-60 days after damage has been inflicted. Otherwise, the claim would be denied.

Get an independent roof inspection done

Most roofers would tell you that insurance providers will heavily scrutinize the roof when they send their people for inspection. This is normal practice in the industry otherwise, they would go out of business really quickly. However, there’s a way around this and that’s to have an independent roof inspection done. This is where hiring a reliable roofer comes in handy. After the inspection report comes out, you now have solid evidence that would boost your claim.

Call us for a roof inspection BEFORE you call the insurance company. We can show you case studies where we were able to negotiate 2 – 5 times more from the insurance company for roof damage.

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